Thursday, December 11, 2008

off to get more horses..

Tracy and I are on our way to the Newark area to pick up four horses. There is a little 3 year old QH mare, a 13 yo TB mare, and two TBs straight off the track - sound but too slow! They sound like nice horses. It is always exciting getting in a few new horses. Stacy is also coming down today, so I'll finally have someone to ride with!

We have been keeping the horses out of the big paddock so it didn't get mauled before we needed to park in it. Just a few more days of not being able to ride - we have to have parking for Tracy's wedding this weekend! With it being hunting season, I am very nervous about riding in ANY woods nearby. People get so gun-happy. That would be just my luck!

Speaking of Tracy's wedding, we are also stopping at Rod's in Columbus to check out her wedding dress... how exciting! COWGIRL wedding dress, that is...

The four TBs in Circleville didn't work out - the starving ones. There are some issues with the paperwork, but hopefully they should be here after the first of the year. One of the TBs, a long yearling, is in foster care with Dede Cole, who does our equine massage. She has made a ton of progress with him in the two weeks since she's taken him in! He will be available for adoption after the new year.

Cool has been making it a point to get out of his stall as often as possible, little turd. He doesn't run away or anything, he doesn't even get into the grain! He just stands by his buddy Burly's staff and eats the whole bale of alfalfa. He has figured out how to open his stall even WITH his halter clipped on it... so now he has to have a bull snap clipped on it. I'm sure it's only a matter of time until he figures that one out too! Bugger.

I love Polar. I am liking him more and more. Chuck trimmed him the other day, and because of the chronic neglect, his feet are now a bit sore from the changes, so I haven't been able to ride him much. I am hoping we can get a set of shoes on him soon. He is a very smart, kind, wonderful horse. He just needs to handled by someone who understands that you can't push him around. He may be the sweetest, most affectionate horse we have. I adore him, can you tell? If I hadn't needed to sell my own farm, I'd keep him until the day he died. I like him that much.

The Columbus Dispatch called! They want to do a Christmas day story. My query for you loyal blog readers is, do you know a hard-working, horse-loving kid in the Columbus area that deserves their own horse, and has the means to care for it? If you do, PLEASE send me a line...

The Christmas party was a huge success. Whopping. The weather was unfortunately not very cooperative, and the roads we rather treacherous, but we still had a decent turnout, including some folks who drove quite a long way! All in all, we made over $7500, including an INCREDIBLY generous donation by Stephanie LeVeque. (Thank you Stephanie!) The musician was fantastic and donated his time... he played until almost 2 am. It was an incredibly festive time, and we really enjoyed everyone's company.

Triumph and Asti came back from the hill for the party. They were so glad for the attention! I had one of the most frightening experiences of my LIFE trying to bring them back down. The farm is up a good big hill, and it had started to snow just a little bit. Well, the truck tires were bald. (We replaced them yesterday, thank goodness!) As we started down the hill, everything was fine, but when we came to the biggest down slope, we slid. A lot. My friend Andy was driving, and thankfully, he's a better driver than I am, and we survived!! I won't lie, I'm a big wuss, I was so freaked out I cried a little bit. Ha, ha. It was scary!!! But anyway, Asti and Triumph enjoyed a few days at the big farm... now they are back on the hill.

For those of you looking to adopt horses, I am creating a main database in the computer to keep track of what people want. Victoria keeps them in her book, but I'm thinking something 'searchable' would be awesome. Please don't contact me until you're really seriously ready to adopt - not if you just think that you MIGHT adopt if the 'perfect' horse came along. ; ) Maybe this will be another way to help more horses. If we don't have room to accept a horse, maybe someone on our 'list' will be looking for just the horse that needs to come in, and we can hook people up outside of the LCC. It would be win-win for everyone!

We finally found some decent hay the other day, but we are still in need of more... everyone keep their eyes peeled...

Have a good Thursday! I'll update you on the new horses as soon as possible..

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