Monday, December 1, 2008

A delayed update

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I heard the horses here at the farm enjoyed a day with no interruptions or visitors... just turn out. ; )

First the horse updates:

Dante is settling in nicely. For some SILLY reason, I can't get his pictures to load on the website!! So here are some photos for you. His knee as a weanling: (these photos are courtesy of David Antholz, a very talented photographer.)
Hard to believe any little horse could survive that, huh? But he is sound and literally, there is barely a scar. I didn't get a close up 'after' photo of that knee, but you won't believe how small the scar is! That is some serious rehab time his mom put into him. Anyway, I still haven't had time to take Dante out for a decent ride, but the other day, I figured I better at least climb on his back and see what a good boy he is. I rode him up and down the back driveway, bareback, in a halter with lead ropes. He is quiet as can be. He rides like a little go cart - easy to steer, easy to stop, easy to go!! ; ) He is a forward horse with lots of energy and interest in what comes next, and would be a fantastic partner for anyone to do anything!!Polar went to Pete's on Wednesday of last week. Polar came to us with pretty severe diarrhea. It was obvious he had it for a long time, as his legs were crusty and sore. It has not cleared up as quickly as we hoped, nor was he putting on weight very well. There are days now when it is fairly solid, but others are bad. Anyway, a quick trip to Pete's had both good and bad results. The good news is, there is no cancer or other big issues, as we had feared. Polar had a broken tooth. Who knows how long the tooth has been like that - it could have been several years - perhaps this will cure his nervousness about the bit in his mouth? We hope. The bad news (sort of) is that Polar is actually in his early to mid-20's. He is putting on weight very well now and is a healthy horse besides his little tooth issue, which Pete took care of. I still have high hopes for him to find a wonderful home with someone. He is a good boy and deserves a buddy. He doesn't act his age, except for his wise demeanor!

C.C. was adopted yesterday! Hooray for him. The family who adopted him is very knowledgeable and they have already established a working relationship with their vet to combat his incontinence issues. We couldn't be more pleased.

Triumph has been deemed healthy enough by the almighty Victoria that he was moved to the in town farm today. Asti is still up there, but since C.C. and Yuri were adopted, she was all alone. She seems pleased to have a boy up there! Triumph will hopefully start to build some muscle and learn to use those legs, running up and down hills. I swear he's grown a hand since he came. We will have some update pics in a few days.

Tomorrow or Wednesday, four starving Thoroughbreds will arrive. I have seen them, and all four are very nice, BIG, quiet, sound horses. There are three geldings and a mare. They are all four VERY SKINNY. They will need some serious rehab, but all four are young and seem to be great prospects for someone looking for a project. They are all tatooed, so they were at least track-broke at one point! I can't wait to play with them. There is a fifth, a two year old, who is in foster care.

The foal barn is coming along nicely. Here is a pic from Wednesday afternoon:What do you think? Quite lovely, no?

A big, huge, whopping thank you to Jess W, who not only has stepped up to be a 'hay satellite,' but also got her friends to donate 75 bales, which she is delivering next week, along with many more bales we are purchasing from her local farmer. Whoohoo! We are low, low, low on hay, and we are getting a little nervous about the winter. If you know of good quality grass hay for sale, PLEASE let us know.

Surprisingly, we haven't had a lot in the way of donations for our silent auction. We have high hopes that things will arrive in the mail this week. If you were one of our generous item donors, thank you so much! If not, what are you waiting for? ; )

I am back to the grindstone working on our mailing list. If you would like to be on our mailing list and aren't yet, you can always email me at Once you're on it, you will get our newsletters. They are always entertaining... ha, ha.

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