Monday, November 24, 2008

A tree trimming!

While I was home in Columbus the other day, our dear friends Tammy and Cindy came over to help with... decorating our monstrous tree! This incredibly gigantic tree was donated by a former employee of the LCC. How lovely it looks in the foal barn. We usually put the tree right in the gosh darn middle, but it was so HUGE, we had to move it to the side.

Tammy is a logger by profession. This is not her thing. Can you tell?

Here you can start to see the dazzling array of lights that will lend a beautiful ambiance to the foal barn for the festivities...
The incredible tree with all its trimmings!!
I can't remember if I mentioned it on the blog or not, but Tracy, our full time weekday employee, is getting married here at the LCC the weekend after the holiday party. She is truly going to be the holiday bride - and we are milking it! Here she stands trimmed in garland, before the beautiful holiday altar that Victoria constructed for her...
I delivered Mack yesterday and picked up Dante from north of Columbus. Mack was so funny. I left him loose in the whole trailer so he could move around. He hopped on and walked right to where the front slant would be, and didn't move the whole ride. Even when I went to unload him, he waited until I walked to his head and clipped the lead rope on before he moved a muscle. What a silly man.

Dante is tooo adorable! He is 14.2 exactly (we measured him today). The most darling little buckskin. Dante was a nurse mare foal who stayed at the nurse mare farm until he was a few months old. At that time, some kids were chasing him on a four wheeler. It was unclear whether he was run into a round pen panel or barbed wire, but his knee was completely gone. It was just a huge, open wound. I have pics, but I am going to wait to post them next to the 'now' pics! Thanks to his adopter's diligent care, Dante is now 6 years old with barely a scar. He is sound as can be. I can't wait to ride him and see what he's like.

It has rained ALL DAY here. This morning, everything was ice. The driveway was a solid sheet of ice. Before I got back from Columbus with Dante, Victoria called to tell me not to try to come up it! Tomorrow will be just as nasty, if not more so - it will rain more tonight, and the temperature is supposed to continue to drop.

I'm turning in early - I think I'm getting the 'sick' that everyone else has had but ME! Here is a cool photo I found. This is a candlebra that Victoria made a few years ago out of surgical clamps. How cool is that?

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