Saturday, November 22, 2008

You've never met our dogs!

Here Victoria and I are sitting around the living room, admiring our beautiful pack, and we realized we've never even introduced them properly on the blog. What goobers we are. The only dogs which Victoria and the Last Chance Corral considers offering refuge to at this time are wolf hybrids. This is because of their special emotional and mental needs. Our experience gives us an inner look at their world. Victoria feels that we can possibly offer them more than what an inexperienced dog owner could. They simply are not dogs. For those of you who don't know what 'previous experience' I speak of, Victoria and Don (an ex-employee of the LCC) have lived with wolves for the last 20 years. The most recent wolf passed away last year. In his memory:
I never saw Wolf in his prime, but even when I knew him and he was too frail to move around much, he was intimidating. It just isn't the same as a dog...

So, in our household now, there are SIX dogs. Four of them are Victoria's. Of those four, two are wolf hybrids. Rex and Rory are littermates. Two are German Shepherds, Gerda and Valkry. And two are my mutts.

Rory is a three year old wolf hybrid female. Also known as: ROY, Royfield, Roya and NOOOOO!!! She's really a good little girl. Her dad was a collie but she truly embodies the "WOLF" spirit and mind. She and Rex are kept under close tabs. Rory's biggest thing in life is sleeping with Victoria - she cuddles up with her mistress all night every night.

Rex is a three year old fixed male wolf hybrid. He is the farm's class clown. Definitely not "wolfish" in his day to day life. He is a festival of fun. This guy knows no form of SHY! (Rex on right, Gerda on left.)

Gerda is a 14 year old black German Shepherd. The farm matron and the final word in all matters canine. She is VERY strict and elderly - when she says "no play"...... she means NO PLAY!

Valkry is a 5 year old long haired German Shepherd. She is Victoria's pride and joy. Valkry literally runs the entire farm and controls all proceedings with a quiet, gentle, yet efficient manner. (Val with her kitty, Kittyfood.)

Joe is a 4 year old lab mix (??) mutt. He is my first dog and so holds that special place in my heart. He is super smart, and super deranged. It evens out, I suppose. He has an endless play drive and has taught Victoria's dogs how to entertain themselves... constantly... ; ) He is from the humane society in Columbus. He has made my life very, very difficult since I got him as a 4 month old crazy dog....

Imogen in a two year old Great Dane. She is the super model of the farm. Her job in life is to pose, look cute, greet, and be petted upon. Oh, and to get all the food down from the high spots so the other dogs can eat it. She is a rescue from Carroll County Pound, where she was left in a drop box, skinny and scared. When something isn't just perfect (like her dog bed), she stands and stares at it forlornly for as long as it takes for someone to notice and rearrange it to her liking. Spoiled brat. ; )

So there you are! Now when you come visit, you know which dog is knocking you over and barking at you. Ha, ha!

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