Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good things come in threes!

After King was adopted Saturday, we thought the best part of the weekend was over. Wrong! Sunday morning brought Lilly's new owners to pick her up. Lilly was a little ancy since she hadn't been out much lately, but she seems to know who her new owner, Lacey, is. She is very patient with Lacey and pays attention to what she wants. Lilly loaded on the trailer without a hitch. Lacey emailed me to let me know that Lilly settled in nicely and even gave her 7 year old brother a pony ride! How perfect.
After all his endless waiting, Yuri is finally going to a home of his own. And with a loyal blog reader, to boot! Macphd came to visit him Sunday and decided he has a place in her heart and barn. How exciting! He heads to his new home in Crawford County on Friday. And his poor adopter had to wait forever to go see him at the in town farm, and suffer through our vehicle catastrophes, and our generally unnecessarily chaotic Sunday. Ha, ha.

Another of our long time residents will be travelling to his new home in Columbus this week. Mack has been adopted by a wonderful woman who says he is exactly what she's looking for, imperfections and all. How cute is that? And he was a HANDFUL when she came to see him, haha - the no turn out for a few days made him full of vinegar. His adopter is bringing back her 6 year old that she adopted as a weanling. He is super beautiful and super quiet - too quiet for her. ; ) He has the potential to be doing more and she wants him to live up to it, which I think is commendable. (I have been in that situation myself, for sure.)

Leah's heart is broken! I feel her pain, who hasn't been there? But Mack is her first love, bless her heart. Yesterday was Leah's birthday, so she and I hauled up to Stroud's Lake today for a goodbye/Happy Birthday ride. Mack was a gem and Leah had a blast. A good way to end a great relationship.

I took Polar up to the lake today, and he did fantastic! He did spend a brief moment wandering loose around the campground... yeah, Lauren's an idiot. ; ) He did wonderfully. Water, logs, hills, ain't no thing! When he is tired, he does his backing trick. Two or three tries at that and he figured out that I don't fall for that stuff. Continued on like a gentleman. He would lead or follow without a problem. Really his only issue is the backing. He isn't a frantic backer, but he knows how to get his way. We argued a few times, but basically, if he starts backing unnecessarily, a quick, tight circle stops him. Ask him to move off again and he does, or else he gets another quick little circle. He figured out how that works really quickly, and he was perfect. I love him. ; )

Tammy came over to help with the floor in the foal barn today. Tammy is one HECK of a worker!!!! She and Tracy made a TON of progress levelling the floor. Leah and I were so impressed! This foal barn will be ship shape in no time.

More pics to follow!

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