Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good things are happening at the LCC

Today was a really great day.

Leah and I had volunteers this morning. Always fun! These were very helpful kids from OU, and they made short work of the barns. It was waaay too sloppy for turnout, but we put a few of the boys out for a minute or two to get the stalls clean. Of course, they came in plastered in mud. Thanks boys!

Then it was time for more work on the foal barn. I forgot to get a picture today. Bad Lauren. All the dingy green curtains to the stalls have been torn down. A few of the industrious girls set about painting the rest of the metal wall, so that is now done. (And it looks beautiful.) The stalls have been dusted and scrubbed to perfection, even the windows, which are terribly hard to clean. New crushed limestone has been laid and packed in all the stalls. The big doors have been scrubbed and putty-knifed to absolute spotlessness. The place is really coming together, I tell you. With luck, the floors will be re-leveled in the next day or two... then we clean and squeegee the floor... and then the fun part, decorating! Yahoo.

I spoke with a potential adopter for Yuri today. It was beginning to look like he would be stuck here forever, but maybe not! Time will tell. As Victoria always says, there is a lid for every pot. Yuri must just be waiting for his to come along.

Then the really good news started coming in. The folks that came to look at King the other night? They wanted to adopt him! Hooray! Leah and I hitched up the trailer and delivered him ASAP. King now has the most loving, beautiful, wonderful, amazing, roomy, grassy, hilly home ever. They plan to maybe drive him someday. ; ) Mostly they just love him. To pieces. He has a 17 acre field by himself until he gets used to the other horses. He looks happy and overwhelmed.

Leah and I then headed up to feed at the in town farm. A family called to meet me on the hill because they wanted to have a look at C.C.! These are also really fantastic folks, they are very knowledgeable about horses and all of their horses have some special needs. The woman has a few young horses she is bringing along and is looking for a horse that "knows the ropes." They seemed to like him, but no one can ride at the in town farm because of liability issues, so I will have to bring him here for a day or two if they want to try him. They are supposed to call tomorrow.

Also, a SUPER nice woman in Columbus is coming to look at Mack and Polar tomorrow. Leah is going to show her Mack. I think she is bummed. I told her she should be proud that Victoria and I both think she is ready to show him to a potential adopter all by herself!

The constant rain was exhausting today. Tomorrow: snow! I'll leave you with this:

Oh Henry!

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KAS said...

Yeah for King! Sad for Triumph. Poor guy, just when he was coming out of his shell. Maybe after they see what a wonderful horse King is they'll want another one. Keeping all fingers, paws and hooves crossed!