Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I have some cool news....

We have a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW website that is about ready to launch.... keep an eye out for it... It is beautiful and you will love it.

Thus why there was no blog yesterday.. I got so wrapped up with things on the website, I completely forgot! My apologies. Last night, Teddy got adopted. How exciting is that? He is going to live at Fallen Ash Farm with a bunch of minis... I bet he will just love it. Check them out at Fallen Ash Farm's website. I don't think any horse could complain about living there.... He goes to his new home Wednesday. Inevitably, as soon as a horse gets adopted, the calls start coming from the folks who wanted to adopt him! So, I am certain that tomorrow, the phone will be ringing off the hook.

Today I was tired of the sun shining in my room at 6 am, so I got an early start. Tracy teased me that I was trying to work her out of a job!! By the time she showed up I was halfway done with chores, haha. BUT that meant we had time for fun projects... King, and lots of baths.

Of course, I didn't have my camera on me for bath time. (I am still getting in the habit of carrying it everywhere!) Yuri was the first to bathe, as he has a potential new home coming this weekend and we wanted him to look spic and span. He was a gem. Yuri is so bomb proof, he is just a typical little nurse mare foal. He is much happier being so clean. I even tied him for his bath - he couldn't have cared less. Let me sponge his face, too! Cool was next - no problem there, except, being Cool, he wanted to eat everything near his face. Teddy was the last we got done, and BOY, did Teddy need a bath!! He needed one so badly, he seemed to be thankful we were hosing and sponging and scrubbing. What a goober.

Inevitably, Cool and Teddy both went right out in the paddock and rolled - while still wet. OK.... that was a waste of time... oh well. ; )

Victoria continues to improve upon the nifty foal barn renovation. She has sheet metal on the wooden part, and an old safe surround from a bank graces the gate part. I will take a photo when she is finished. Today we also realized another great use for it - we can store hay and grain for the foals back in that corner! We typically put hay and grain in the little tack room, but now the little tack room is also the landing for my room. It was tight before, now it is even tighter, so not having a couple bales of hay and bags of grain taking up space will be fantastic.
After our bathing session, and a fantastic BBQ lunch provided by Jackie... (I know, you wish you worked here..) We were off to ride King. All we knew about King's previous "riding experience" was that he was bought off the Amish at 2 years old, and was green broke to ride and drive at that time. The woman who donated him to us said she had someone jump on him bareback and he didn't tolerate that very well, and she hit the dirt. She also said she tried it again with blinders on and he didn't have a problem. Well, it was no big deal for King. I didn't bother with a bridle, seeing as I didn't know if he'd ever had a bit in his mouth, I just stuck some reins on his halter. He let me tack him up without a problem. I leaned on him for a while, no problem, swung over, no problem. He followed Victoria very nicely. He has a great little whoa. He steers pretty well, sometimes he thinks you want him to back, but then he figured out I meant to turn. He has an awesome back up, too! Definitely important in such a big horse! Ha, ha. From the pictures you can see he was a little skeptical, but once he got used to things, he put those ears up and relaxed. All in all, we all agreed he will be super easy to break, and absolutely as quiet as they come. He never got flustered or really worried at all. He is VERY out of condition though.. poor guy. Ten minutes of walking and he was exhausted! He will need someone to take the time to bring him back slowly. Look at the shine on his coat! He makes my 18" AP look tiny...

Triumph says, "Can I play too??"
I was totally sliding off in this pic. I kept telling Victoria we needed to stop for a second so I could slide off and she didn't hear me. I am hanging on the saddle pads. Poor King... LOL.
This is no big deal for King..
King and his shadow...
What a good boy King!
The best part (as you can see from the pictures) was Triumph following King around everywhere. "OH! This looks like fun! I want to try! Me too me too!" Can't you just hear him? Triumph is, very slowly, learning how to play a little bit. He has spent his whole life tied to a tree, so when he tries to run, he usually trips. But he is slowly getting the idea! I saw him try to buck today! Yeah!

After King, I hopped on Lily, a bay TB who was returned to us after several months at a lesson barn. She was doing fine there, just not being used much. She is cute, and a nice size - I didn't stick her, but I would guess 15.2/15.3 hands. (Tracy said, "Oh my gosh, you look like a regular person again! You looked like a little kid on King!") She walk/trot/canters without a problem, easy stop. She has a little bit of a high headset. Very quiet and calm. We jumped the x-rail a few times, as you can see from this photo, I am out of practice with my jumping. I need to get back into some lessons! But she tolerated me without a problem, jumped them happily from a trot or a canter. She will be a cute little horse for someone! She is currently available for adoption.

The other horse that came in with Lily on Saturday night is a pinto pony from the hunter/jumper world. She has already been adopted. I am really motivated that horses are finally getting adopted. It is so exciting for me! I love seeing them head off to their new homes.

In other news, Victoria made a really cool guest bed in the office... it looks like a princess bed, she has beautiful flowing white drapes surrounding it. She wanted me to make sure to tell you that it has now been tested out by a REAL princess, and she has approved... so next time you come to stay at the LCC, be sure to request the princess suite, which was personally inspected by Imogen, the princess of magical happy dog land. (That is my spoiled rotten Great Dane.)
I am heading to bed. My dogs look tired, and I am too!

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KAS said...

I am soo happy your adoptions are moving ahead. I feel so frustrated I can't help financially, I do however tell EVERYBODY who will listen to me about LCC. I hope it helps. :)