Saturday, November 22, 2008

A slow Saturday.

It was unusually quiet around here today. Hope I didn't just jinx tomorrow...

Leah didn't feel well this morning, so she took the day off. Boots was here to help me clean. We busted out the stalls and paddocks, then someone arrived to have a look at Henry. He was a gem, of course! The wanted to ride him, and I was like, "Um, well, OK. He has only been ridden once before..." No worries, should have known it wouldn't be an issue for him! The girl hopped right on and rode him right around. What a good boy! They adopted him on the spot. They even ran straight home to get their trailer!

Tomorrow I am going to go pick up Dante and drop off Mack to his new home. How exciting. There may be another new horse or two coming in tomorrow, also... not sure yet...

I rode Otis this evening! The swelling is gone in his leg, and it is cool to the touch. His feet really need trimmed and a set of front shoes, with the frozen pock marked arena, he was ouchy. He is, however, VERY quiet and VERY sweet. He neck reins, has a nice comfy jog. Victoria aged him closer to 20-22, rather than the teens we thought he was. I took him across the road and he didn't mind the water, mud, or banks. He's a nice little horse for someone.

Here are some pics from Leah and I's birthday ride... it was so beautiful, I just had to share them. (BTW, Polar, who wouldn't load when we picked him up, hopped write on the trailer this time. He's a smart boy.) The most unflattering picture of Polar ever, but I had to show you his pretty holiday bell wreath:Mack was so excited, he let Leah bridle him like this. (She is still mastering the tacking up!)
Happy Cowgirl Leah and her Mighty Steed!
OMG It was so beautiful!!
; ) Last pic together...

I also have some awesome pics of the foal barn and the decorating process... but they are on the other computer!! I will try to post them for you tomorrow.

This is how nice Victoria is to me when I'm doing computer work and attempting to organize the office:

You know you wish you worked here. ; ) Actually, I DO deserve a cookie, because organizing this office is like a big fat JOKE. Over the years, there have been so many 'office managers' and 'computer people' that stuff just accumulates, and accumulates, and accumulates.... and now there are PILES of stuff that make no logical sense what-so-ever. For example, I found a box of CDs. They are all sorted and rubber banded into little stacks. How nice! Except for one problem: Every stack has a big label on it that says 'I have no idea what this is, needs sorted and labelled.' Oh, right. Well thanks for stacking them, you know. Ahh! ; )

So, if you've been wondering, "Where the heck are all the posts?" That's where. My brain is drowning in pointless organization. (Seeing as another 'office manager/computer person' is going to come after me, and inevitably destroy all the hard earned organization that makes sense to ME!)

Happy weekend!

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