Sunday, November 16, 2008

We need hay!

We are in desperate need of good quality grass hay. Because every calorie on this farm is fed (no pasture), we have no use for poor quality hay. Soft, palatable, green grass hay is what we need, and we need a lot of it. We can buy it, we just can't find it - but if you can donate it - even better! Here is Victoria's idea for hay (written by her):

Hay Satellites
No, not hay bales lazily looping around some distant moon! Real hay, and right here on Earth. Here's my idea: If somebody were to contact their local farms and get everybody to donate 5-10 bales of hay, it wouldn't take long (nor a huge commitment on any one farm's hay budget) to have a load of hay together. You can be that hay satellite on behalf of all the horses that so desperately need that hay. When you have gatehred a truck or trailer full call us to pick it up, or bring it by and visit the horses that you are helping! If this sounds like something that you would like to do, please call Victoria at 740-594-4336. Another option is email us at, we can post your contact info and your location, so other blog readers can contact you directly to bring their hay to their local satellite farm!

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