Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cleaning the foal barn..

This morning didn't start out so well - I drove up to the in town farm to feed and my car overheated several times. ; / That is no good..

The horses on the hill look great though! They look so happy. This is probably crazy for C.C., as his previous home was quite flat. Being on hills is always a change. I walked out to feed and called Asti, who immediately came running. C.C. followed close behind. They were almost to the barn and suddenly Yuri looked up and let loose the most frantic, pathetic neigh I've ever heard in my LIFE! Too funny. He galloped about halfway up before having to stop and catch his breath... that is one out of shape foal! I can see the big belly coming off him, though, as he runs around up there...
We left all the horses in last night thinking it was supposed to rain, but alas, no rain. Back out they all went and Traci and I had 10 stalls to clean. No big deal, with the two of us, that's a piece of cake. Those boys are too funny, all turned out in the paddock... it's like they have to have someone to pick on, so they keep switching around, pretending one of them is the "mare." Gotta keep things interesting, I guess..

Laura Woolf joined us to take some more photos today. She is a lot of fun to have around! She fits in perfectly in this twisted group of folks - she has the same absolutely silly sense of humor we have.

We worked some more on the foal barn today. It has taken so much work to get it where it is - and it's no where near ready for the holiday party! We organized almost all of the medical supplies for the milk room - I just have to label everything in the milk room and it will be ready for foal season. Victoria has repainted all the trim in the barn, and we have decided to paint all the metal walls, also. They are old enough now that they have some rust along the bottom. The grey paint really makes them look snazzy! We still need to pull up the mats in the foal barn and fill a lot of the sunken floor before the party, or you will all be tripping over the ruts!

I rode Polar again this evening. I like this horse very much, but I do feel that he will be for someone who knows their stuff. He has a very sensitive mouth, and he has obviously been cowboy'd a LOT. I'm trying to figure out if it's just a ring work thing - he seemed to really enjoy going on a little walk across the road. He is very tense and anxious in the ring. We did a lot of walking and trotting to try to reeelaaax a little bit. He tries. It is hard for him. Every time we whoa, he turns his head just a little bit to watch me, and tenses up, like he's waiting for me to smack him or something. He is soooo affectionate though, he loves being petted and kissed. For someone who knows their stuff and knows how to handle an anxious horse, he would be soo nice. I wouldn't mind riding him every day, not at all. He is fun! I just hope his brain continues to unwind a bit in the coming days and he starts to enjoy being ridden, and not worry so darn much.

It was dark by the time I fed dinner at the in town farm. I'm not gonna lie to ya'll, sometimes I'm a wuss about the dark. Luckily the horses were near the barn, so I had a little emotional support... ha, ha.

Have a happy Thursday....


GayleD said...

Hi LCC - I love your new website and blog!!!

I adopted 'Nellie' back in Feb 08 and have been reading your site regularly since.

Nellie is doing great - she has really settled in and is, as you said, a great trail horse.

I have been watching for a potential friend for her. Not sure yet, we'll see.

Keep up the great work!

Last Chance said...

Thank you for the support Gayle!

If you get a chance, I would love an update/picture of Nellie for the upcoming newsletter! Email it to or

You shoot me a line if you see someone else you're in love with... ; )