Saturday, December 20, 2008

Never caught up.

It seems we can never quite get two steps ahead of things around here. We finally got some mass mailings done we needed to finish - but now my thank you notes have piled up on the desk!! Isn't that the way it goes..

Isaac has moved up on the hill, but only for a few days. I will be taking Asti to her temporary home at Gypsy Woods Farm, where she'll stay while I groom for them in Florida for a month or two. So, Asti had to go to Pete's to get a current Coggins, and Triumph couldn't be left alone. He was devastated to see her pull away, though. He ran the fence the whole time we pulled out of the driveway... Isaac wasn't much into consolation, he was far more interested in the grass!!

Tomorrow, Isaac will come home and Lacey will go up on the hill. We still haven't gotten a chance to ride her, but her brain is so addled from the training regimen, we're hoping some time off will help her relax. She is wound so tight! There isn't an ounce of fat on her little two year old butt, so 17 acres of grass and just "being a horse" should be a darn good thing for her. It should also be good for Alibi, who is glued to her hip like an appendage.

The rain has been absolutely endless here, so today was the first time all week that everyone got to go play together. It was the first time Bob's been turned out since his arrival. He is a beautiful mover. His trot is so floaty! I was surprised, I think he's a little plain to look at, but he sure can move. He is a total sweetheart and has a wonderful personality. Again, Bob can only go to a walk/trot home. He had a good roll and played with everyone else... Polar was prancing around like a little stud, showing off for the new horse!

A very kind samaritan near Hillsboro, Ohio has found four horses that need homes. All four are mares, and are very gentle. She says they are in good weight and their feet are trimmed, but she doesn't know their ages or if they are broke. Please email me at for more info, and I'll put you in touch with the woman who has them. These horses were found wandering along the road, and despite many advertisements, no one has claimed them.

Tomorrow, we may all actually get a chance to go for a short ride! How exciting.... it has been weeks since I've been on a horse. Of course, there is no SNOW... what is up with that??

Today four very sweet young ladies came to give treats to the horses for the holidays. What a neat idea! The horses were all about it... ha, ha. They had new best friends..

We have many horses waiting to come in, and no interest in adoptions. If you are interested in any horse we have available, please don't hesitate to contact me or call the LCC for more information.

Tell me this is not the greatest Christmas card ever? From Charmer's adopter... the interior reads: Merry Christmas from me and my Bee Charmer!! What a happy adoption!!

Adios for tonight...

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