Monday, December 22, 2008

It's freezing.

Seriously, it is really, really, REALLY cold. What is up with that??? I am back in the office and it is 32 degrees in here. Yup. Our house doesn't heat very evenly...

I am a huge idiot and I forgot to PROFUSELY thank Jessica Willis and her crew, who organized the donation of a huge trailer and truck load of hay, AND even helped unload it. Whohoo! That is going above and beyond. Jess answered our call for hay satellites and even went one further with the delivery and unloading. Thank you Jess!!!

Yesterday, for the first time in a few weeks, we were able to go for a little ride in the woods. I rode Dante bareback, and he was a gem. He is a little green and wiggly, and he likes to look at everything, but he wasn't spooky, and when I said go, he went. Leah took Isaac, who tried testing her for the first 15 minutes, but then settled down and was a quiet, lazy boy. Victoria rode Burly, who was of course perfect, and Karen took Otis, who loooved the ride!! Otis was too cute. It was a long ride and the horses were sweaty, but Otis still felt so good he was running around playing with everyone else when we got back. What a goober. It felt good to get out and run around... I feel like I haven't ridden in forever! With how early it gets dark, I just don't have time anymore.

Lacey is now up on the hill, having some time to unwind and be a horse. Triumph was really upset we took his buddy Isaac, and he was running around the field, while Lacey just sort of stood in the corner looking confused. ; ) They settled into each other's company today though.

I also forgot to mention that CC's adopters had him examined by their vet, and they discovered a kidney stone or tumor the size of a basketball. The adopters were having trouble coming up with the money for the expensive surgery, but the donors have graciously offered to help pay! So hopefully, everything will work out wonderfully for Mr. CC. Keep your fingers crossed for him.

Tonight, the LCC Staff is having their Christmas party... always a good time to be had by all. And interesting, of course. ; ) We are a funny crowd, I tell ya.

I am freezing my toes off back in this office, so I'm outta here!!

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