Monday, October 20, 2008

All is never what it seems.

Our 16.2 hand, 23 year old Appendix QH is no Appendix QH. As we pulled in the driveway, Victoria looked and the paddock at the two horses standing there, and stated, "There is a QH and a TB, but no Appendix there!" A quick check under the lip proved this big, black boy is indeed a TB. We are unsure of his exact age - it appears to be an "S," but his teeth definitely age out at mid-20's, at least. I'll have to take a pic and do a little manipulation to see what we can find out. He looks very healthy, and very sound - no sign he's aged except for a little grey around his throatlatch.

He seems totally quiet. He had these two very kind women wrapped around his little finger! They were worried he would be bad to load, as they told us last time he was loaded it was very disastrous. He saw the lunge whip and hopped right on. Coincidentally, we stopped to pick up hay and had to unload and reload him quickly, and I didn't even have to get the whip, I lifted my hand and he hopped right on. ; ) The woman who donated him said that his old owner rode him bareback in a hackamore all the time. He was very underweight when this woman got him, and she has done a beautiful job getting him back to health. We'll ride him in the next day or two and see how it goes from there. He definitely knows something!

I'll try to get ya'll a picture tonight!


ltobin said...

Thank you so much for this blog. We like to read updates on the horses. We came out with our children last Friday and were so impressed with the love and care the horses receive. We especially would like to read updates on Triumph and King.

Leigh Tobin

Last Chance said...

Hi Leigh!! No problem, I love writing the blog and I LOVE that we can keep our donors and supporters up to date. I am sorry I didn't get to meet you and your family, but I'm glad you enjoyed the farm! I will try to get updated photos of the starving boys this weekend - I think they have really gained a lot of weight! ; )