Saturday, October 11, 2008

The first post on the LCC blog.

So, we're trying something new here at the Last Chance Corral. A blog. Somewhat akin to Joe's morning journal, my intent is to shed some light on the day-to-day life here at the Last Chance. It's usually chaotic and often quite disorganized around here, but I'd like to share it with you as it is.

A quick overview: The Last Chance Corral, or LCC as it shall hereafter be referred to, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) horse rescue located in Athens, Ohio. Victoria Goss started the LCC in Rhode Island over twenty years ago, and we were granted non-profit status with the government in 1990. At that time, there were only one or two other horse rescue organizations in the US. Last year, we adopted out 148 nursemare foals and about 100 horses. We are a small facility with ten stalls on 2.75 acres, so we do not have a sanctuary program. All horses on are farm are adoptable, with the exception of one 38 year old New Zealand TB, Tango.

Victoria is the brains and brawn behind the whole operation. She is indestructible and undaunted in the face of any catastrophe. By herself, she runs every aspect of the farm. From finances to phone calls to stalls, she is in charge. She does most of the work on our very old log cabin by herself - currently, she is putting a new ceiling in our milk room and new wood floors in the living room. She is boundless!!

Tracy works full time during the week making sure all the horses are fed and the stalls and paddocks are clean, as well as keeping volunteers in line. Leah does the same on the weekends. Stacy is my best friend and the most fearless and capable rider I have ever known. She lives in Columbus and attends school at OSU, travelling down when she can. There are many other contributors to our existence, and I will introduce them as we go.

I am a peon in the big picture here. I have been a volunteer and intern for almost five years, but always lived in Columbus and therefore had limited time here. Recently, some big life changes have culminated in my two dogs, two cats, horse, and I all showing up on Victoria's doorstep hoping for a place to sleep. Thus, I live above the foal barn, work as many hours as I can, and hope I am contributing enough!! A daily journal for the LCC has always been a goal of mine - I want you all (donors, adopters, interested folks, anyone who might have time to say a little prayer for a sick horse) to be involved in our existence as much as possible. Victoria does NOT do computers, so she is not the one typing these posts. At times, she will write something for me to post. For the most part, it will be me. I'll try to keep things factual, ; ) but any opinions expressed are MINE, not Victoria's or the LCC's, unless indicated otherwise.

If you would like more information on anything discussed here, or would like to see specific photos of anything, let me know! My email for LCC is I will respond ASAP to the best of my ability. Our federal tax ID is available for anyone who needs it. Our address is 5350 Pomeroy Rd, Athens, OH, 45701.

Here we go!

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