Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A post from Victoria -

This week the LCC has somehow pleased the Gods and they smiled upon us. Their smile came in the form of Lauren. Lauren has been with the LCC since her internship at 18 years old. In the past year she has only been able to come on brief visits to help when things were at their worst with the foals. This was because she had a job and a home way up north in Marysville (two plus hours away). Personal circumstances found Lauren seeking a change of scenery - her reasons are her own. Though she didn't exactly relish the idea of leaving the job she loves... she was pulled to help the animals here. I am simply overwhelmed and she knew it. Now, I know I can't offer her the scale of wages that she is used to, and that she is worth... But I can back up my paltry pay with room and board!! As an extra bonus she can earn that warm-all-over feeling of helping the helpless. Her knowledge and enthusiasm towards this work knows no bounds. I am really blessed to have her in my life.

Lauren not only brings her skills to the table but her two rescue dogs! Now our two room cabin houses two German Shepherds, two wolf crosses, one Great Dane and one redbone cross. Not to mention an assortment of cats! What a cacophony! If you call us on the phone and all you hear is a loud concerto in dog major... you now know why.

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