Monday, October 20, 2008

On the road again...

Victoria and I are in the truck on our way to Newark to pick up a horse. He is a 23 year old Appendix QH, 16.2 hands, supposedly completely bombproof and has done everything under the sun. He just won't do anything for his new owner. So, here we go. Thanks to the wonders of technology, I have time to update our blog on the way! Hooray for Blackberrys and laptops.

Yesterday, after much waiting, we went on our ride at Stroud's Run. It was National Rescue Ride day, and all across the country, rescues had benefit trail rides for their organizations. Despite our advertising, we had a small turnout. Victoria, Leah and I came on LCC horses, Karen brought her horse Cowboy, Karen's friends Jen and John rode LCC horses, and Karen's friend Michelle brought her show horse, Bandit. No matter the number, we were determined to have a great ride, and we couldn't have asked for a better day! Jen and John warned us they hadn't ridden in several years, but we soon realized we had no reason to worry, they did wonderfully and had a blast. Victoria took her Burly, who of course, was good as gold. I took Charmer and he was fantastic. Leah took Tracker, and she had her best ride to date!! Tracker is a really good boy, the two of them definitely were understanding each other and communicating wonderfully by the end of the ride. The hills could not have been more beautiful! Jackie had lunch waiting for us when we all returned. We are hopeful that next year's National Rescue Ride will be a big fundraiser for our organization, and we'll have a whole parking lot full of riders.
Leah is getting her "cowgirl groove" on. Either that or she's decided to become a cowgirl super model, we aren't sure....
(left) John and Mack, (right) Victoria and Burly (Burly was a little embarrassed about his English saddle...)

Karen and Cowboy get ready
Jen and Sunni are ready for the ride!
Victoria and John check out Dow Lake
Leah and I attempt a self portrait....Karen galloped up a hill, and her saddle pads escaped from beneath her saddle!
Charmer and I
Leah and Tracker
Michelle and Bandit
Group Pic!!

Every horse that was out on the trail ride yesterday was phenomenal. We have a really spectacular group of horses here for adoption right now!

Leah was so encouraged after her ride with Tracker, but she said, "Of course, he will probably get adopted now, since he and I are really getting along!" Well, she jinxed herself!! As soon as we got home, the phone rang. Tracker now has a new home with the Audet's, who recently adopted Stubbs. The Audet's are the kind of adopters we just adore. Their 10 year old daughter is the horse person in the family. Stubbs and Tracker have 60 acres of pasture to explore, buddies to play with, and a little girl who loves on them every night. What horse could ask for more?

Leah and Tracker, enjoying the trails.

While I was gone on Friday, Teddy was returned to us. He was fostered out in the spring as a buddy for another horse, and now the other horse was ready to be on his own. I will repost him on the available horses page. Teddy is an almost-17 hand grey TB, 18 years old, sound and sane. Teddy knows a LOT, he knows basic dressage and also was a hunter/jumper lesson horse. With Victoria, Stacy, and I, Teddy is a dream to ride, but it appears that he can be particular about his owner, and when you don't "click" with him, he's a little disagreeable. He could easily have a future career as a low level dressage or event horse, or in the hunter/jumper world. What Teddy really wants more than anything is an owner of his OWN. He is tired of being ridden by someone different every day. He has impeccable ground manners, is affectionate and very sweet. Stacy took Teddy camping with me at Beavercreek in June, and we had him tied on a picket line and ridden out on the trails all weekend. He is very sure-footed and dependable on the trail.

Teddy at Beavercreek in June, being the consummate professional!

I finally had time to take Schatzee out on the trail last night as well. She is really fun! She was calm and level headed, but she definitely wanted very badly to go for a run up the hill. She didn't mind being away from the farm on her own - no calling, spooking, or jigging. She is finally not in heat anymore, and is much nicer to work around now that she isn't leaning into me whenever I touch her sides... ha, ha. At only 7 years old, Schatzee could do anything. She has a very obedient and solid walk, trot, and canter, but needs more education on bending and flexing. She will pop over fences without a problem. Best of all, look at how darn cute she is! She would make a wonderful horse for someone.

I took some time to groom Triumph and King last night, too. They are both still pretty sore from their castrations. We have been worried about Triumph, as he was battling a bit of infection, so he finished courses of penicillin and SMZs today. Triumph, King, and Tango have been hanging out in the 'need to gain weight' paddock all week, and last night, Sunni was added there as well. They are getting all the hay they will eat, and grain 3 times a day, to help get their weight up. I hope to start King back under saddle as soon as his genitals (or lack thereof) are feeling a little better. ; ) The other night when I was grooming Triumph in the barn, we played a little with a saddle pad and a surcingle, and he did great! He is a really smart boy.

Sunni was also in foster care for a little bit, and he is back at the LCC now. His foster mom was having trouble getting him to gain weight. He should put it back on in no time now. Sunni is an older Arabian who used to be a 4-H horse and did a little of everything. He went on our trail ride and did fantastic. He wouldn't be for a total beginner, as he has a little get up and go, but a confident advanced beginner/intermediate probably would do great with him.

Happy Monday!


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dear god the one time I rode with out a helmet and now its posted on the net for all the world to see. haha

Last Chance said...

LOL, totally didn't even know that was you!!!

I can take it off if you like, I know I totally thought the same thing, I just love that pic... .maybe I can photoshop a helmet on your head... LOL.

MACPhD said...
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MACPhD said...

Looks like a great time. I am guessing that it was meant to be a fundraising event. Do you have any suggestions for planning a similar fund raising event in my area? Also, don't forget the Yuri stories you promised. Fixed the typos.