Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finally, some ride time!

Sundays are always eventful at the farm. We have an open house every Sunday from 12-4, where people are welcome to show up whenever and visit. This means people are constantly coming and going. Today was no exception; a film crew was filming for a documentary, volunteers arrived from the OU equestrian team, an adopter came for a visit, someone stopped to drop off donations, a previous donor stopped in to see how our progress was coming on the farm projects... it was an endless stream!

Students from OU regularly come to the farm for photography and film projects. A group of boys were here today to film their documentary project. It is always fun to see how it turns out - can't wait. They were here from 9 AM until after 5 PM!! And of course they wanted to catch everything on video, so I had to wait and wait and wait to feed and clean.... I'm not a very photogenic person, I wish someone else had been here for them to harass... ha, ha.

An adopter from a year or so ago - I forget her blogger ID, she'll have to post it! - stopped by with some wonderful goodies for us today. We can always use donated tack items. We have finally opened our 'Last Chance Corral Outfitters Outpost' in the old shop, and now anyone can come and peruse our collections if they are looking for a new piece of horse equipment. The adopter - "S" - quickly got roped into being my ground person while I tried out the two new TBs. The two new TBs, Charmer and Schatzee, were donated by a college student who had accumulated too many horses in her college career. Supposedly, they were both used on the OU equestrian team in the past.

S and I worked with Schatzee first, and she is a lovely little girl. She is a very black TB with a little star. Her donor said she is a witch... she seems fine to S and I. She had an odd habit of sort of pinning me in the crossties when I brushed her back and sides, but S and I both think it may be because she is in RAGING heat. She was not being malicious in any way - her ears were up and she was perfectly content - but it took a heck of a lot of banging and hollering to get her off me. She seems to have ONLY been handled with a chain - if you don't have a chain over her nose, she is a big oaf on the ground. Anyone know a way to correct this, other than just using a chain all the time? She lunged nicely and was easy to ride. I definitely think she's one of those TBs that will run if you get grabby with your hands, but I know her teeth also need done badly, so that may have been the resistance I was feeling. S said her tattoo looks like an 'A', so that makes her a 97 model. She is a really a sweet girl - smooth trot, easy to ride in all three gaits.

I was a little worried about dealing with Charmer, he has been a bit studdy around Schatzee, with her being in heat and all. I needn't have worried. He stood in the cross ties right next to her (with her, of course, nuzzling his bum) and he never even blinked an eye. He is sooo adorable, bay with four socks and a star. He must have had some kind of head trauma in the past, his skull is a little misshapen, but it ends up giving him a very refined look about his head... haha. He has a big leg from a copperhead bite last year, but he is sound on it. The vet said it will heal better with time. He had impeccable ground manners, lunged like a champ, and sooo nice to ride!! You just think about what you want to do next and he does it. His trot's quite bouncy, but worth it for his nice manners. Victoria did tell me that he doesn't like riders with rough hands, so I guess when he was with OU he perfected the shoulder-duck-and-buck method of dealing with aggressive hands. S and I both rode him and he was an absolute gentleman. I really like this horse. He would be such a wonderful partner with the right person.

S's husband took pics - she said she will send them later tonight!

Triumph had an interesting little refresher course in leading today while the film crew was here. They wanted me to stand with him and talk a little bit about his story. It took twenty minutes of repositioning for them to have us where they wanted us!! The poor little colt who can't lead led like a champ! Three feet this way, two feet back, wait can you try the other side of the paddock? I thought I was going to kill them, haha. But Triumph tolerated it all without a fuss. Even when they popped open their big silver light catcher thingy RIGHT in front of his good eye - he blinked a few times, and sighed. He is a good little boy. I can't wait for him to continue learning. I would really like to find someone who would like to spend some time with Triumph on a regular basis, just messing with him, teaching him ground manners, and helping him learn to like people. If you know anyone local who might be interested, let me know.

Speaking of Triumph, I found his story on Happy Trails website! Check it out, there are pics from where they found him: Happy Trails Farm Sanctuary (Fixed the link!!)

Just a note, LCC will be CLOSED next Sunday, the 19th. It is the National Rescue Ride day. Check it out at You can register for our ride at Stroud's Run if you want. It is a ride or walk event, so if you don't have a horse, who cares!!

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barngal said...

"S" here! Great blog! Thanks for the all the fun yesterday. So many wonderful horses. I tried looking through the tack shop but I seemed to get in the way of the filming crew!

I sent the link to the riding photos to your email. It's so slow loading photos. With over 300 I'd be better off sending you a disc with all the others!

Charmer and Shatzee are two nice horses. Anyone looking for a horse "ready to go" needs to take a look!