Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts..

We got a little overwhelmed around here the last day or two!

We are currently hosting a clinic with Greg Kersten of the OK Corral. It is a clinic about equine assisted psychotherapy, or EAP. It has been very enlightening to be a part of this, and it has been a very neat experience for our horses as well, many of whom get to participate! Even Brutus, the big warmblood with the bad bow, got to enjoy some fun on the 'obstacle course' today.

Unfortunately, that meant we had to get the foal barn clean for the participants to enjoy lectures in. It was a LONG two days we've had! If you've visited the farm in the last month or two, you know what the foal barn looked like - it was a MESS! No longer. The milk room has been cleaned and organized, the foal barn has been cleaned and organized. We even washed the windows and walls, and repainted the doors! Whew! It was worth it though, it looks beautiful.

The big downside is that all the work we've done lately put Victoria in bed. She is on bed rest for two days - she has been experiencing extreme back spasms.

I rode our new black horse, Smokey, today. He is a very nice, well trained boy. He should be fine for anyone. He is a little foot sore in front from being barefoot - Chuck comes Monday. He would be suitable for just about anyone, I think, but I haven't tried a beginner on him yet. He has a lovely little jog and lope. I guess we are still assuming he is an Appendix QH. Does anyone know how to check appendix tattoos? His tattoo does not match the USTA or the Jockey Club, so that rules those two out. Anyway, he is very sweet and quiet and shouldn't be a problem at all. He and Teddy have been buddied up. ; )

Leah came out today and wanted to take the next step in her riding by trying out a tougher horse. So she rode Mack today. They both did very well, and by the end of the ride/lesson, they had each other figured out. Leah could trot all the way around the ring without stopping! That was a feat, she and Mack argued about steering for a bit at first. Hopefully this horse doesn't get the Leah jinx as well... I guess I can't say that, how can you hope a horse doesn't get adopted? That would just be silly.

I know I still have not gotten any Yuri stories up yet! I was hoping Victoria would want to write something up about him. Anyway, he is doing very well. He has a pot belly like you wouldn't believe! I need to teach him to longe so he has something to do, all the little horse does is hang out and eat. He is about eight months now. He is very quiet and well behaved - that is the advantage to growing up here. The disadvantage is that he is kind of spacey when you're working with him/leading him. He hasn't had a lot of 'respect' work, and needs to be worked with more consistenly. (I'll try to get on that...) He is a nice boy and would make a really nice horse for someone, but he really needs to get the heck out of here! It is hard on a horse to grow up at the LCC... they never get any attention to themselves. Mack is like his grandpa, he protects Yuri wherever Yuri goes. Too cute.

A big, huge, gigantic thank you to all the very kind folks who have sponsered Triumph and King through their starvations. We need all the help we can get financially right now - it is early in the season to be getting starvation victims, and Victoria is afraid more will be arriving soon. (She can never turn down a starvation case!)

I will do my best to get some updated pics of those boys this weekend. I can't believe how much weight they have gained in two weeks!!! Especially because neither of them are big hay eaters, even alfalfa. ; / They both finish all their grain though...

Tomorrow is another busy day. I apologize if the posts are sparse this weekend! I will try to stay on top of things. I go back to Columbus again Monday for the night and to move out of my house, so I will get my beater camera so I can actually have some pictures to show you!


sugarnspicegrl44 said...

Hi your website doesn't have an e-mail for you guys, do you have one? I will try and give you a call in the next couple of days, I think you have our names down, Debbie and mallory Grayson. We really like smokey and teddy, they are perfect sounding, hopefully you could please send me some more info and more pics/vids if you have any of them, and I was wondering if in the description about teddy it makes it seem as tough he shouldn't be a lesson horse and I want a horse for my sat. group lessons and trails, how do You think he would do? I think we would like to come see those two sometime. Let me know if you have e-mail. Thanks!

Last Chance said...

Hi Mallory, I sent you an email!