Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Victoria even got to ride today!

Karen-Boots was here this morning to help with chores. Tracy was sick with some kind of flu - hope we all don't get it. We have so many Karen's around here, they all need a second name, so we have Karen-Boots, Karibou Karen, Xena Karen... it gets confusing.

Chores were all finished relatively early, so Victoria and I got to go for a quick trail ride. Victoria took Burly, the extremely nice QH fundraiser we have available, and I took Tracker. Tracker's such a good boy! I really like that horse. A great little trail horse. We did have a moment when I almost died, thanks to an AEP truck that tried to run us down, but, all in a day's ride, right?? ; ) Victoria showed me the new trails they found, so now I know where to go with Stacy next time she's down.

I unpacked some stuff into the tack store, and fed dinner. Leah wanted to come out and have a quick lesson on Tracker, as she is hoping to ride him at our National Rescue Ride on Sunday. She did VERY well with him, even though he spooked for a moment in the woods! I rode Burly, just so she wasn't by herself. Just a ten minute walk through the woods. I tell you what, that Burly is one HECK of a horse. I am not nearly a good enough rider to be riding a horse that well trained. Reining, cutting, roping... whatever western discipline you're into, if a 16 hand red roan QH would look good there, this is your horse. Incredible. He is a FUNDRAISER to help raise money for the starvation horses.

King went to Pete's to get his testicals removed today. He comes home tomorrow. I shuffled all the horses around so Triumph and King can have a paddock to themselves to eat and recover their pride. *G* All the geldings are in the middle paddock - Burly, Tracker, Mack, Yuri, Charmer, and sometimes Cool - and the mares - Schatzee, Tango, and Asti - are in the back paddock. HOPEFULLY that will help the little hussy Schatzee get over her being-in-heat issue... my goodness! I like keeping mares and geldings separate, anyway - less fighting and running. Of course, on 2.75 acres, it isn't easy... ha, ha.

Victoria and I are both stiff from the work we've been doing around here lately... a good night's sleep is in order. Applebee's for dinner - no cooking for us tonight.

Sorry for the short post! The washing machine FINALLY gets fixed tomorrow. And tomorrow is Stacy's birthday! Happy birthday Stacy!

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ezra said...

I am a little concerned that you have almost died twice in the last week! Please be careful! You are doing an AWESOME job keeping everyone up to speed with the day-to-day happenings at LCC. We all appreciate the time you are taking to post everyday. THANK YOU!