Wednesday, October 15, 2008

King comes home.

King has returned from the vet's today. I put him out with Triumph in the small flat paddock so they can recover together. King snuffled calmly at Triumph, and seemed quite content. They seem to be getting along just fine. Having them in one paddock together allows them (both being starvation boys) to be fed several times a day without problems.

Tango is out in the back paddock with Schatzee and Asti, but she seems quite depressed. I can't get her to eat more than a few bites of grain, even when I bring her in to eat. Victoria and I think she misses her boyfriend from the hill. Hopefully she turns a corner soon. She is starting to lose some weight.

All the boys are in the middle paddock, but Cool had to come in. He is such a herdy boy, he likes to chase everyone. Not very kind of him!! With Cool in the barn, everyone else has settled down as well. It is a herd of sorrel QHs... doesn't anyone need sorrel QHs anymore?? ; )

The few posts below are from Victoria. She writes stories for me to post to our blog, and I type them up for her. We are really enjoying this!!

I will be going home for the day tomorrow, so there will be no post until Friday. Don't worry, we're all still alive. ; )

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