Friday, October 24, 2008

Notes from the newbie

Hi all,

This is Leah and thank you Lauren for starting this blog! There is never a dull moment on the farm. Trying to convey what happens on a day to day basis is quite the task. And I'm only here on the weekends! This blog will give all of you an intimate look at what we do at Last Chance.

It has been an absolute privilege to tend to these animals. And trust me folks, the therapy that goes on here travels both ways. Since the start of my volunteer work this past spring, I have grown in confidence and skill which is directly related to my overall better mood (much cheaper than Prozac). I always leave for home with a smile stretched from ear to ear.

I can go on and on about Last Chance Corral and write pages and pages right now. But I will instead try to keep up with this blog as Lauren as already done. From me you will get the newbie perspective of things. While most of you reading this may have years of riding experience with walls dripping of ribbons from your many successful showing events, I am still breaking in my boots. So after every weekend, my growth in knowledge and experience will be logged here for all of you to track.

See you in the paddock,


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