Saturday, October 18, 2008

Riding pics of Schatzee and Charmer

Aren't they both just darling? Today someone came to look at Charmer, but I'm not certain he'd work for them. The girl rode him beautifully though. He is so cute!

(Check out that crazy head tilt I have going on in every pic.. haha... need to work on that one.)


RedMarePlease said...

you guys look fantastic.
i wish i could be there tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Hi your website doesn't have an e-mail for you guys, do you have one? I will try and give you a call in the next couple of days, I think you have our names down, Debbie and mallory Grayson. We really like smokey and teddy, they are perfect sounding, hopefully you could please send me some more info and more pics/vids if you have any of them, and I was wondering if in the description about teddy it makes it seem as tough he shouldn't be a lesson horse and I want a horse for my sat. group lessons and trails, how do You think he would do? I think we would like to come see those two sometime. Let me know if you have e-mail. Thanks!